Renaissance Matthew

About Me

My name is Matthew Delfino. I am 40 years old and live with my fiancé in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I attended the Minnesota Center for Arts Education (now called the Perpich Center for Arts Education) in Golden Valley when I was a teenager, where my art area of focus was music. While there, I played guitar, bagpipes, sang and recorded songs I had written. After high school, I spent a year at Mankato State University (now called MSU, Mankato). I then transferred to Music Tech in Minneapolis (now called the McNally Smith College of Music in Saint Paul) where I majored in Sound Engineering with an emphasis on Music Production and graduated in 1996.

I released an album in 2002 under the moniker of Stolen By Serious called Ardor and subsequently built a band that went through bass players like Spinal Tap went through drummers.

Somehow I ended up in IT where my career flourished. I currently lead a technology team supporting a creative agency filled with talented artists and many other fine people.

In my free time, I explore a variety of interests and passions, including music, vegan cooking, running, tree climbing, pantheistic atheism, politics and technology.